1. Dress Modestly.
  2. Parents that come to church with their children should sit with them and keep them under control during mass.
  3. The mass is the highest prayer. Let us celebrate it together. We appeal to parishioners with rosary, devotional books, and other items to keep them in their pockets or bags during mass.
  4. Do not reserve seats for latecomers. It is a sin.
  5. Obey the churchwardens.
  6. The house of God is a place of prayers and meditations. Please ensure absolute silence.
  7. Switch off all handsets before entering the church compound.
  8. The pews are incomplete without the kneelers. Handle them with utmost care. Drop them gently when you want to use them and replace them almost as gently.
  9. Societies are reminded to take the benches they use for their activities back to a safe place where neither rain nor sun will destroy them.
  10. Children and parents are reminded to dispose of their used “pure water sachets, and a biscuit or sweet wrappers properly in the litter bins“.
  11. Use the door of the church as designated: The main doors are for entrance only while the side doors are for exists. Please, co-operate with the churchwarden and the MOD to observe these rules.
  12. Stop using the doors to the toilets for writing. Anybody caught will be handed over to the security personnel.
  13. It has been observed that ladies drop their sanitary pad in the toilets thereby blocking the system. Please, stop this! Use the wastebaskets.
  14. Do not charge your phone inside the church. Use the board downstairs, near the second gate.
  15. Nobody or society is allowed to decorate the church or any part of it without the express permission of the parish priest.
  16. The Bulletin contains the word of God and as such, parishioners should desist from using the Bulletin to kneel or sit.


  • Chewing of gum or any form of eating during mass.
  • Entering the church when readings, homily, and consecration is going on.
  • Leaving the mass before the final blessing.
  • Putting torn money during any offering.
  • Discussing during mass.
  • Disturbing/distracting others during mass.
  • Receiving or making of hone calls and playing with your phone during mass.
  • Reading of newspapers, magazines, etc during mass.