AGM 2020 – An Address of Welcome by the Parish Laity Chairman

Annual General Meeting, 2020

Welcome Address Presented by the Parish Laity Chairman

The Parish Priest, Very Rev. Fr. Nicholas Bariki (OSA) and his brother priests. Deanery Executives here present. Parish Laity Chairmen from neighboring parishes. Ex Officials both parish and deanery. Distinguished Councilors. Fellow parishioners. Brothers and Sisters.

It is with great joy in my heart that I welcome you all to the 10th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of our parish.

It can only be by the special grace of God that the parish has been able to record tremendous achievements within the period under review.

Most importantly of all is unity, cordial relationship and a robust brotherly understanding that now exist among parishioners and societies at large. We have also recorded a great increase in our numerical strength as a parish, this has indeed made us choose one of the largest worshiping communities in the Lagos Archdiocese.

This was our long term prayer and commitment which made is choose the theme of last year’s AGM ”Lord, That They May Be One”. To this, I make bold to say that we enjoy unity and oneness in our parish now more than ever.

Fighting, quarreling among societies, petition writing against the clergy and other negative energies has drastically reduced, so we know that the prayer of the theme, ’That They May be One’, has been answered.

This year been declared the year of greatness in our parish, we have chosen yet another theme that says ”Towards a Glorious Church”. It is our prayer again that this peace and unity that God has given us, will re-awaken our hunger and desire to support the pastoral team of our parish in their evangelical mission and also to work in unity with the church council while bearing one thing in mind, ”Towards a Glorious Church”.

By this resolution, anybody, group or society on our parish whose activities are not channeled towards this theme, will not be tolerated. All hands must be on deck as one big and united family for us to achieve this great height.

As we celebrate at this AGM, we shall divide into discussion classes to have an all-inclusive suggestion towards the theme.

My prayer for you all is that as you continue to contribute towards a glorious church, God in his infinite mercy will visit each and every one of us in our points of need… through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Thomas Nkwueke
Chairman, Laity Council